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Langford Nurseries & Garden Centre


Langford Garden Centre is now OPEN to the public again.

We will now be open to the 7 days a week, 10 am until 4 pm

(last admission at 3.30 pm)

Unfortunately the coffee shop remains CLOSED at this time.

We have had to implement some changes to allow us to open.

Please read them below or click here to download.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – In order to protect our staff, customers and,

in accordance with Government guidelines, we insist that customers

keep 2 metres apart from each other. We are operating a one way

system on certain areas of the garden centre and these will be clearly

signposted. In other areas, like the tree and shrub area, we ask people

to use their common sense and to respect each others right to shop

without cause for concern and pass only when safe to do so. In our

‘Glass/Wooden house’ and ‘Poly Tunnel’ it will be one way flow only.

Hand sanitisers and cleaning stations will be available at the

‘entrance’, at strategic points and at the till area.

STAFF – In order to safeguard staff, still on furlough, we are operating

with less personnel than normal. We are unable to assist customers

with their purchases, we are unable to advise on plant choices or help

carry compost to cars etc.

We can give limited advice at the till but that is all. Anyone who

threatens or abuses our staff either verbally or physically will be

prosecuted without exception.

CUSTOMERS – We request that only ONE member of a household

visit the garden centre at one time although we respect that this is not

always possible but no more than two please.

No groups OR children under the age of 16 are allowed.

No Dogs allowed unless Assistance Dogs.

We will constantly monitor the situation but it is expected that we will

limit customers to 30 at a time.

GIFTWARE – The gift shop will be closed to all customers until such

time as we feel the number of customers visiting has lessened. When

we feel it is safe to reintroduce staff on furlough we will reconsider

opening it up again. Greeting cards can still be purchased from their

stands in the main body of the shop.

SUNDRIES – Garden sundries like tools, fertilizers, chemicals and

grass seed can be purchased as normal but the areas will be

controlled by a one way flow system. Any ‘off the roll’ items that require

cutting can be requested and a member of staff will get that but you

must stand away observing the 2 metre rule.

TOILETS – Our toilets will not be available for customer use.

TILLS – Please wait until you are called forward to the till and do not

assist the cashier by handing up plants etc. unless asked to do so.

We request that you pay by card and preferably contactless when the

amount is £45.00 or less. We will accept HTA National Gift Vouchers

(not gift cards), Langford Loyalty Vouchers and Langford Vouchers and

cash if absolutely necessary. Please try to make your purchases as

quickly as possible in order to allow other customers to enter the

selling area.

Whilst some of these measures may seem harsh we are trying to

operate safely in unprecedented times.

We ask for your patience, understanding and tolerance.

Please be aware that our summer bedding plant selection will be

available approximately from the end of april when the risk of frost has

passed. If you would like to place an order for summer bedding plants

and hanging baskets Plants please contact us during early May 2020.

We currently have a large selection of plants available.

Please take a look at the lists below for what we have in stock.

Please click here for our list of Alpines.

Please click here for our list of Bedding Plants.

Please click here for our list of Begonias.

Please click here for our list of Clematis.

Please click here for our list of Fuchsias.

Please click here for our list of Geraniums.

Please click here for our list of Patio Plants.

Please click here for our list of Perennials.

Please click here for our list of Roses.

Please click here for our list of small Perennials.

Please click here for our list of Trees.

When you call to order please be specific with

regards to the variety you are looking for.

Roses display 1Roses display 2Clematis display

Established in 1971 Langford Nurseries and Garden Centre is one of the few remaining independent garden centres that still grow the vast majority of their plants on-site.

Our plant area offers a huge range of shrubs, climbers, roses, alpines, herbaceous perennials and bedding plants for all seasons. Within the garden centre you will find an extensive range of watering products, tools, barbeques, plant feeds and insecticides as well as many sundry items for every gardening need.

We also boast a large and select giftware department offering an extensive range to suit all tastes and budgets.

Established in 2010, our large Ivel Valley Coffee Shop serves freshly prepared food daily using locally sourced produce and its success continues to grow.

Many of our staff have been with the garden centre for over 30 years and several are trained in horticulture ensuring that you are given expert advise when faced with a gardening problem.

Plenty of car parking space is available at our garden centre sited alongside the picturesque River Ivel.



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We have some lovely fresh vegetable plant packs and vegetable plants still for sale. The beauty of growing so much ourselves. ...

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As most of you are aware we are currently open from 10am to 4pm, 7 days a week. We need the additional hour in the morning to stock up and water, which we actually start at 6am, and the same again after 4pm
The majority of our regular and new customers fully understand the need for some of our rules and regulations but there are some who feel we are being unreasonable. I will attempt to explain why we have brought in the following restrictions:
NO CHILDREN UNDER 16YRS - unless carried or in a pushchair.
With the restriction of 30- 50 people only on the garden centre site at any one time, having to queue is unavoidable. Whether that is to enter the garden centre or a particular area like the greenhouse or polytunnel there is going to be a lot of standing and waiting. In our almost 50yrs of running a garden centre we have found that many children, not all but most , become bored and then are prone to wander. In these
current times and the restrictions imposed we have a duty of care to our customers and staff alike and therefore have decided for the time being to enforce the No Children rule. We are committed to review this rule every week.
There is also the question of First Aid which we are unable to administer as we have done in the past.
Much of the same comments above relate to our rule of no dogs at this time. We are experiencing extremely warm weather and we all suffer when having to queue and it is particularly difficult for our 4 legged friends. The greenhouse and poly tunnels often exceed 100 degrees farenheit - 37 degrees centigrade, the floor temperature alone would be unbearable for them.

There have been some negative comments on other FB sites in the last 24 hours which I will not respond directly to. All I will say is that everyone has a choice of what garden centre they wish to visit and whose rules they wish to abide by.
Take care everyone.

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2 weeks ago

Angela Davey

Brilliantly organised for re-opening, well done everyone! I came down yesterday and was so impressed with your arrangements for everyone's well-being and safety without spoiling the experience of garden centre shopping. Thank you for working through closure and re-opening for us. ...

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