We have an extensive range of plants, the majority of which have been grown here on our own nursery. Our plants are of the highest quality, planted in our own mix of compost and our hardy trees and shrubs are sold to you with a 2 year guarantee.

During this time we are still offering a delivery only service. Details are available on our home page. For a list of various plants that we have available please look at the lists below that we have produced for you to download.

Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Climbers

We stock over 400 varieties of shrubs and climbers, the majority grown by us from liners and cuttings which we then pot on until ready for sale ensuring their quality. Roses are brought in bare root from UK growers in the Autumn, we then containerise them until ready for sale in the spring. We have over a 100 variety of trees to ensure you have plenty of choice in sizes to suit most gardens.

Fruit Trees and Soft Fruit

An extensive variety of fruit trees can be found here such as apple, pear, cherry, damson and plum. Our soft fruit such as blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, loganberry and gooseberry arrive in autumn and are generally out for sale by November. Other fruit like rhubarb, grape vines and strawberries are available both late Autumn and late spring.


We pride ourselves on growing over 18000 herbaceous perennial plants from seed and a further 8000 from cuttings or from bareroot. It is unlikely that you will find a more comprehensive selection anywhere in the local area.

Bedding and Patio Plants

Every year we produce over 4000 trays of summer bedding and a similar amount for autumn planting to give you colour and interest all year round. We have a reputation for producing stunning fuchsias and the majority of the 10000 plants grown here each spring, in over 140 varieties, were grown from cuttings from our own stock plants. Early spring we start to sell pots of seedlings and young plants for you to grow on in your own greenhouses.

Vegetable Plants

Vegetable packs such as cabbage, brussels, celery, peas and beans are available during the appropriate seasons. Vegetable and fruit plants such as tomato, melon, peppers, cucumbers and courgettes are available from spring through to mid summer. Again the majority are seed grown by us to ensure the quailty of the plant. We stock a large selection of herbs from early spring through to late autumn.

Container Planting

For those of you who do not have the time or space to make your own hanging baskets or patio containers or you may want to give a ‘growing’ gift as a present, why not come to Langford Nurseries and Garden Centre for a ready made solution. We have a beautiful display to choose from to fit all colour schemes, aspect and cost. We also provide planted liners that can be put into your own basket or containers. If you wish us to plant your own containers for you, or have a particular colour scheme in mind, just ask for details of our charges and we will be happy to do the work for you.

Flower and Vegetable seeds

Come and see our massive range of vegetable and flower seeds for all seasons. We stock Unwins, Johnsons, Sarah Raven, Mr Fothergill, Suffolk Herbs and Kings.

Seed Potatoes, Onion/Shallot sets and Garlic

We have gained a local reputation, over the years, for supplying a great range of different varieties of seed potatoes. We weigh and net our own potatoes which all come from certified seed stock. We sell, in season, 25 varieties which consist of early, second early, main crop and salad. We also sell ’10’ to try in all varieties for the smaller garden where space is at a premium or for those wishing to grow in pots. Look out for details of the varieties available in mid January. From late July onwards we sell onion sets, shallots, garlic and seed potatoes (for growing in a greenhouse or frost free environment). From mid January we again have onion sets, shallots, garlic and asparagus as well as potatoes.

Indoor Plants

All through the year we carry a selection of pot plants and make up our own planted arrangements. At Christmas we pride ourselves on the Poinsettias and Cyclamen that we grow on our own nursery. Our range and quality is unsurpassed. We also sell pots to put these plants in and also gift wrap the plant if so required.

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